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Balanced Diet


A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrition it needs to function properly. In order to get truly balanced nutrition, you should obtain the majority of your daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Basket Studies for developing drugs for Cancer

Cancers often tend to be fueled by changes in genes, or mutations, that make cells grow and spread to other parts of the body. There are now an increasing number of drugs that block mutations in cancer genes and can halt a tumor’s growth.

While such an approach has worked in a few isolated cases, those cases cannot reveal whether other patients with the same mutation would have a similar experience.

Chemotherapy and radiation failed to thwart Erika Hurwitz’s rare cancer of white blood cells. So her doctors offered her another option, a drug for melanoma. The result was astonishing.

Within four weeks, a red rash covering her body, so painful she had required a narcotic patch and the painkiller OxyContin, had vanished. Her cancer was undetectable.

A healthy population is the best asset a country can ever have




However, what happens when your health records are unavailable or inaccurate? Some errors due to negligence might actually be fatal.

Imagine yourself. In a time where you travel to a place which is completely alien. In addition, you ignore the fact that you should be carrying your therapeutic records, likely of the fact that it causes a huge pile of paperwork. In addition to that, it is probably the worst time to run short on good fortune – you meet with an accident. In that foreign land, the healthcare providers have no clue about your medical history. They try to connect to your family doctor to get the required information, carrying out those numerous tests for something as naïve as your allergies, causing a drain of valuable time. Something you need the most. The consequences from such a situation cannot be pleasant.

Everyday travel can lead to induced infertility in healthy couples




Long travel to a workplace daily is an essential activity for many individuals. But have you ever thought this can affect your health? Present world we live in is a health conscious world. You are constantly aware about healthy food, healthy environment, health friendly groups, laughter health therapy clubs, health conscious gymnasiums, health information technologies, health information blogs, diet conscious time tables, aerobics and so on.

You adopt to such health systems easily as there is no harm that these systems bring. The list can be extensive and never ending. But how do you actually choose which mechanism is most suitable for you to overcome infertility problem. Research suggests that working for eight hours is a mentally stressful task. Considering a daily travel of 40 minutes to one hour incurs physical stress, inclusive of already available mental stress. Research shows that out of 100 couples around 18 couples suffer from the infertility problem until recent times, which has now staggered to 25. This means that nearly one fourth of working population struggles to conceive a baby.

You know you’ve got wealth when you’ve got health




What scripts a healthy lifestyle? What’s the factor that holds the key to a healthy living? Nutritionists advice you to eat well. Psychiatrists suggest you to sleep enough. And philosophers expect you to think positive. Some might think a combination of these with a couple more additions on the palette will draw the perfect healthy picture of life, and as a matter of fact, it might even be true. But isn’t it necessary to actually know your health to remain healthy.

When was the last time you collected your medical reports and actually managed to understand what it read? Or how many times to find it difficult to read what the doctors have prescribed. Minor problems like these don’t deserve much attention. It didn’t require attention because people were negligent, now it doesn’t need attention because these records are digitized.







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Tips to avoid body odour



Well, body odour is very embarrassing …. To be free from it, you should –

Oh no the cramp again ……



You suddenly get up from deep sleep with sudden twinge and find it difficult to move your leg and you do not understand what to do now…. This has been experienced by most of us.
This sudden pain that caused so much discomfort is the Muscle cramp. This is the result of sudden contractions of a leg muscle. Though it lasts for few minutes or even few seconds but it’s so painful that the person becomes very restless.
Most of the times people undergo the pain for that particular time, consider it to be harmless and forget about it as soon as the pain subsides. Actually, why it happens is not yet known. As the muscle tightens for long time the muscle is shortened and it contracts which results in the cramp.

Your Eyes on computer screen - Take care



Tips to choose a perfect pillow



For a perfect slumber:

Your nails reflect about you…. Tips for your better reflection through nail care




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